We are a Small Brand based in Germany

We are based in Germany with Custom Designs and a Small Team to give you the best Customer Experience.

We decided that we wanted to show our creative Spirit and Ideas to the World because we wanted to see if Other people Appreciate them just as much as we do.

We hope you will find your own enjoyment in our Street ware.

Our Main Product

We Fokus on Hoddies with the best Looking designs and most Comfortable feeling while wearing them.

we have 3 Main objektives:

1. Always make sure of the Products Quality

2. we Always try to deliver as fast as Possible

3.only a Happy Customer is a good Customer

If you have any Problem or Suggestions we would love to hear them just send us an Email at Woozy-clothing@web.de.

If you want your own Design or a Custom design that we can make for you on a Hoodie or other street wear you need to have a minimum Order value of 25 Pieces.

We create a Design for you or you just send us your own Custom design and get it shipped to you within 10-20 days.

Due to the Designs ability to look Fashionable on other Produkts aswell we also have a variety of other Produkts which you might take a Likeing in so Enjoy the Shopping.